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Default New Couple in Missouri

Hello All! I have been with my wife for about a year and a half, and we have been married just over a year. This is my third and final marriage, and she was married only briefly when she was in her early 20s. My first marriage was almost devoid of sex and lasted 27 years, and so I feel like I have been making up for lost time in some sense.

Just about 5 months or so ago we started talking about having an open marriage, and since then we have done some experimenting. I will preface the rest of the story by explaining that I really have virtually no interest in being with other women, but I have a sincere desire for her to enjoy the company of other men. It gives me pleasure and happiness to either see her being happy enjoying the company of another man, or to know that she is enjoying that kind of experience. Neither of us feels that we are lacking anything, and in fact we are extremely close soul mates, and have a full and more than satisfactory sex life on our own.

We are both very spiritually open minded and perceptive. I come from a deeply Christian but non-traditional background, and she from a more traditional but quite spiritually oriented one. This is part of what bonds us. We are deeply Christian in a very private way, and we are aware that the vast majority of religions would disagree with our points of view on human love. But we only live to be happy and are not willing to be restricted by dogma. We know how to read and interpret the holy word on our own. At any rate, we both have recently come to the common conclusion that human love is as infinite as God's love is, and therefore really knows no limits. The mono view sees human love as finite and limited. We see and feel a spiritual parallel between the infinite nature of God;s love and love between human beings. So we want to put that into practice!

We made some contacts with swingers and found that virtually none of them are really interested in any aspect of developing a personal relationship, in spite of what they may say up front. My wife has been with a few single men, but none of the experiences left her with the fulfillment she was seeking. Consequently we are leaning towards developing a poly relationship. Maybe this is where we should have started in the first place, but you have to learn the hard way sometimes.

Sorry to be too long! The bottom line is that we are seeking a man to develop a loving relationship with her in a way that will be beneficial to and enhance all of our lives. For now that will likely not be a live in situation due to our current family situation (a high school aged daughter). Thank you for taking the time to read this!

S & K in south Missouri
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