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Default Hello from Western Washington

Hello. I'm a bit new to the serious poly relationship stuff. I was in what would technically consider a poly relationship back in my freshman year of high school. I say technically because there were about five or six of us and we were all dating each other and just this huge group. I consider it more of a dating orgy. So it turned me off to the idea. But then in May I met my current boyfriend who is poly and has three other girlfriends. Obviously, I'm open to the idea. And, actually, I consider myself poly as well and have a girlfriend of my own. Her boyfriend isn't pleased with us, but he's not a particularly nice guy to her and she is, for once, doing what makes her happy which is being with me and him. He's learning, though, and we're trying to help him.

So that is my current situation.

And a bit about myself? I'm a senior in high school who would very much like get out to college so I can get away from the stupidity of high school. When I'm not doing school related stuff, I'm mainly writing, reading, and dinking around on the internet.
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