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What sort of research do you do / are you doing, Red?



Glad I could be inspirational!



I don't think I mentioned previously that I FORGOT THE SPOONS! on that backpacking trip Kevin & I took. I'm so embarrassed! Yes, there were no forks, either. We tried whittling something to eat our dinner with, but it didn't work out so well... especially with night creeping in soon. Hard to whittle a good spoon in less than half a day.

Before we left we sat down and discussed the matter of what may have been forgotten. Our packing was too hurried, however, as I had engaged in too much preparedness procrastionation. We went over broad catagories... food, shelter, toiletries, water, etc., first aid, etc. But it was too hurried. Next time I'll have a proper list prepared!

The good part of it is that I've come to appreciate spoons like you cannot believe! What an elegant thing a spoon is!

Luckily, the car wasn't too far off. (the shame!, driving for spoons & forks!--the next morning) We had ourselves a wimpy first backpacking trip together (and first in decades), and that's OKAY. Next time will be more daring and adventurous ... and VERY soon. Either next weekend of the following one.
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