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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Ever watch the movie "The Secret"? It's all about putting your thoughts into the universe. Just sayin.
"The secret's" awesome except that it teaches to use the power of intention to gain "stuff" like boats and houses to posess, rather than create more love in the world or compassion in our lives. It doesn't teach "power of intent" for what's good for all but what is good for *me,* in essence, how to be selfish. It worries me because selfishness sometimes breeds lonliness as it can isolate us from others. In poly dating one needs to be considerate of all the others a person is involved with. The power of intent would be useful in terms of creating a happy and healthy tribe for all rather than to benefit one person. "the secret" would be a useful movie to watch if the perspective of it is kept in mind. Just my opinion though.
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