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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
My thoughts lately are that poly really is shit for most people. I really think that most of the time people need to work on themselves more and then their relationship with ONE person. Adding more people just seems to make blatantly obvious what is not dealt with with the person and then their one relationship. Of course people might think I am referring to them specifcally but I really am not. I am noticing this everywhere right now. I think its the fact that its a change of season... change brings shit with it... which means there is a need to work on stuff.
I agree.

We thought we had a really good, strong relationship.

Opened to poly and discovered how much required work. We've done the work, but not without paying a fairly hefty price...

I still feel poly is worth it. I discovered that my husband is very much poly-wired, and I'm more than happy to support him. I'm still figuring out myself - while I can *see* myself being poly - I also can see myself being mono. So maybe I"m somewhere in the middle?

Overall - poly is worth it if everyone has patience and compassion for everyone else involved in the situation
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