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Originally Posted by PickMoreDaisies View Post
I find that deciding to date other people has taken focus away from our family; that the inherent stress and complications and constant communication actually detracts from having FUN with our family. Dating is hard and takes a lot of least for me it does. Sometimes I think that I have better things to focus great husband and our great kids!

Note: take all this with a grain of salt....I have been bummed about poly for a few weeks now...
I can see where that would come from Daisies.
The whole concept of 'dating' and all that seems to go with that really - to me at least - isn't a particularly good way to approach expanded relationships.
At from that perspective - of course it steals time ! Any extra curricular activity will have to borrow time from somewhere else.

This is a big part of why we always try to fold someone new into our life as much as possible rather that try to set up separate - and competing - events taking time. And we feel it's more illustrative for someone new to get a feel for what our life and routine are on a given day before drowning in NRE and missing the reality.

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