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Originally Posted by geminigirl View Post
Like learning to swim, we can't really figure it out ahead of time from reading a book or hearing how other people did it. We pretty much have to get in the water and DO it. Once you're in there, though, it does help a lot to have someone right there beside us to grab onto us if we start to sink, or feel scared.
Well put. I can't agree more. When Pengrah and I decided to expand our openess to include poly and start dating individually, the biggest wall I hit was her dating other men and potentially falling in love with men. I had to, in my head, really wrap my head around the idea. It was easily, my second biggest hurdle in poly.

But one I jumped in feet first and figured it out. Seeing other poly relationships and meeting other poly people has helped more than they know. It was a big thing for me to see how this worked.

All that said, big fan of the analogy, I just babbled haha

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