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Maybe -- somehow -- your poly dating site could be integrated with this site, It's a good URL! ... anyway, it's worth checking with Olivier about. Maybe Olivier already has other plans along similar lines?

I'd hold off on the URL name a bit. I can't say I like "many loves" because it could imply scattered diffuseness to some, with the word "many". Doesn't the word cell "poly" mean "multiple" rather than many? Multiple isn't a pretty word, though, but at least two or three are multiples --, and, honestly, who among us has time enough to be a lover to "many"? I surely do not. Three is my way upper limit. Two is probably my perfect fit.

I like the idea of providing as many choices as is practicable and reasonable in posting to a "dating" site. In fact, why make it a "dating" site? "Dating" implies so much! What if what I want to do is to find other polyfolk for friendship? Shouldn't this new site help facilitate that?

I was about to sign up at LovingMore and found their list of _______ seeking
________ problematically restrictive at the time. Maybe it has changed since then? In any case, it's worth noting that not everyone is "seeking" while some that are not "seeking" would still enjoy meeting others for friendship (not dating) which they are open to having evolve into a loverly relationship. I'm one of those. I'm not really "seeking", but I'd be delighted if a new love came into my life.

Not everyone, seeking or otherwise, is into "dating", by the way. Some folks like to have friends and companions, activity partners..., etc., and if things start getting "romantic" then that's just how it goes -- even though there was no "dating" happening, per se. I've got nothing against folks "dating", if that's what they want. But not all folks open to or interested in meeting others who share points of compatibility (e.g., they are poly) are into dating, per se.

I'm involved in a GBQ mens' activities project which provides opportunities for queer guys to meet in social and recreational activity groups, for example. We plan on hiking trips, camping and backpacking, etc., and have a regular Saturday potluck picnic in the park. This isn't "dating", but it is surely attended by people who are open to meeting potential lovers or friends.
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