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Until last night I had an active OkCupid account, but I disabled it in frustration while I sort out how I feel about everything. I didn't go as far as actually deleting it since I'm still not sure where I'm going.

I'm somewhat of an introvert so finding connections has been difficult. IRL I tend to talk to people only after I feel a connection and feel resentful toward friends who try to push me to do otherwise. Online I'm more outgoing (thus OKC), but I'm finding dating sites to be superficial and (ironically) disconnecting.

I think this is all relevant to the big picture (the resentment you mentioned) and some NRE of my own certainly would be a distraction, but I'm feeling like it's irrelevant to the jealousy issue since having another relationship of my own won't make me want my wife to be with her boyfriend.

I truly feel like I'm in a no-win situation.
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