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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Like what? Something in the Bible, or something in the organization?
Well, I will admit to a growing awareness as I got older of folks "talking the talk but not walking the walk" while still harshly judging others.
And even though the area I lived in still battles, to this day, every year to put creationism back in the public classrooms, the faith my family adhered to directly contradicted biology and other aspects of science I learned in school.

So In my adult years, I began to wonder about the black listed books my family's church warned against. Some of them I'd read anyway as a kid (Judy Blume) mostly due to my mom having periods of being less religious at home than when around my grandparents and extended family. We used to be tight knit, so even then we went to church once a month with my grandmother.
You have to understand: the Earth is roughly 6000 years old. We've never been anything other than homo sapien. God has very clearly defined gender roles and expectations no matter what he gave you talent or inclination for. A whole list of things including Santa and playing cards are evil and demons can possess you. Condoms will make you have sex. You can learn to not be gay. Dino bones are God's little practical joke. IUDs are monthly abortions. You are not pro choice; you are pro abortion. Spare the rod; spoil the child. And will you stop asking me why it is any less a miracle if Mary had just not had sex with anyone in a year or more?

So once I came upon harder science and events that happened prior to the birth of Christ that was not in the Bible? The feasibility just wasn't there for me anymore.
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