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Originally Posted by sylphia View Post
Superjast, that's pretty much what I feel like, like I haven't had enough of my own time yet.
I am the bf in SJ's summary and it is very true. For me its a feeling that the new romance hasn't been completed or solidified yet so I don't want to interrupt it.

Maybe this is a touch of monogamy or maybe just something fundamental, but, as an example, I have a strong foundation with Pengrah my wife, I am comfortable with her and happy. No jealousy. However I feel like I am at the beginning of this journey with my new love SJ. The time I need to put into that, to build its foundation.

I am a big believer in making your roots strong. Bringing in new people before all of the roots are strong can create insecurity and jealousy. I kind of look at poly as jenga. You can't keep building up if the bottom isn't holding up to the pressure...ok that was cheesy but I think my meaning is there hahaha..

All that said, I would never stop her from reaching out to someone new, and I don't believe she would with me. We just have a similar belief when building relationships.

Time is our friend, as long as we don't fight to much against it


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