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Originally Posted by Livingmybestlife View Post
Yes I am more jealous over him then my husband. However, I fall more deeply for him daily. We also discussed the situations so I am good with what happens. I would stay with him forever at this point. He is wired mono.
So I have made a choice to love him and be with him as long as I can.
This is the way I feel about my primary. I have made the choice to be with him even though he is sexually wired to be gay and we are abstinent, because I love him that much. I do find that while I am not jealous of his primary at all, a friend.. who is very much never going to be involved with them, makes me very jealous. She posted a message to my guy's FB wall tonight asking them out for her birthday (she previous asked me and I'm going, so I don't know wtf I am so twisted about) and I was like, "WHAT??? HOW DARE SHE!". Every impulse in my body was screaming, "Mine! MINE!".

I know I need to figure this out... because it's completely irrational, but I don't even know where to begin deducing where these feelings are coming from.
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