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Thank you Cricket. Your words meant a lot.

I think for now, I'll leave it. If and when you come home with us, you're a friend. If they ask questions, I'll answer them. But for all of us to be comfortable, I think it's best they don't know all the details out right. It's jsut going to cause drama for all of us. They're so damn hypocritical it's hard to tell how they'd really respond.

I may eventualy, approach it with my mom. If I'm feeling ballsy one night on the phone. But I don't want trips home to be anymore awkward than they already are.

My dad was apparently suspicious I was bi, while Panda was home with us. But true to form never asked, never said a word.

And while typing this, my dad just spouted off with one of the most racist comments I've ever heard out of his mouth. WTF!! Who ARE these people and what did they do with my parents?

Totaly just lost my train of thought.

Basicaly Cricket is right. Right now is not the time, as who knows what the future holds.

When the time comes, I'll approach with the positives, and not the negatives.

Cricket you are partialy right, it may be the only way they know how to handle things. The problem comes when my mom starts in with her lies and justifications and twisting reality to make herself look good.

The wedding we had to miss? I told several people (as I am close with that whole family) why we wouldn't be there. They all new the story of the rim on the car beign cracked and not being able to get a new one.

My mother, told a bunch of different people, a bunch of different stories. Poor SIL walked away several times b/c she was so embarrassed at the out right lies. Thing is, mom just made herself look like an ass, cuz anyone who read the brides facebook page knew why we weren't there. Why lie? Why make up bullshit stories?

But that's what she does. She just argued with my father about where a speed limit sign was on the highway, and made up her own facts and her own logic to suport her story. Including "we drove by there today and I looked b/c I noticed they had moved it." Really? You just happened to "notice" they moved the sign, that wasn't moved????

I wanna go take a picture of it just to prove the point that she's making shit up.

So the point being- it's not just the shit talking, but the filling in of her own facts. The making shit up and telling my brother her new story, instead of the facts.

I get the need to vent. This isn't venting. This is...I have no fucking idea what this is!!! It's ridiculous is what it is!!

So anyway. I am going to continue on my path to not be my mother and in turn, my gandmother.

And go to the pumpkin path tomorrow to watch my neice hunt down her first pumpkin.

I am then going to enjoy the days left here. Come home, see my Panda. Spend saturday doing birthday extravaganza day. And somewhere in there maybe catch a movie with Cricket (princess and the frog?).

I'm done letting them get to me. They are who they are and I have issue with it. I am who I am, and they have issue with that.

Until I find the magic answer, it'll be what it'll be.
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