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Default Smelly Ugly Feet?

I have a silly but serious/curious question? Ever had a partner who has ugly or smelly feet? If so, did it ever affect your relationship with them, leading to a break-up? I remember being with a girl twelve-years ago who had smelly, ugly feet. I actually had to cut her off because she refused to wash and get her feet done often. Every time she took off her socks in my bed, I literally doubled-over. My female co-worker who sits next to me always takes off her shoes and stockings every morning and I have to go to the lounge to get away from those horrid-smelling, ugly toes. She's really beautiful but her feet turns me off, and to top it off she has a crush on me. I'm glad I don't have to go back until Tuesday. Yuck.
Too sexually explicit to explain.
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