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Originally Posted by anotherbo View Post
So what's your story as far as relationships, these days? I saw you post that you'd been in a couple different ltr's in the past, and in an earlier post it sounded like you're not finding anybody to connect with at present.
I'm still in a LTR, AnotherBo. My boyfriend and partner/lover have been together (living together) for about 14 years. And we're happy together. It's quite good. And still, it's true, I'd like to have another--or two. But there's no gaping lack. I've got a full schedule / life. And we're both reaching out more and making new contacts and friends. Just recently, we've both become involved with an outdoor recreation centered queer men's "program". Just yesterday we completed a one day "Ropes" course, which was like rock climbing, except we climbed a "tower" with hand and foot holds instead. It was my first time being suspended from on high by a rope / harness -- a leetle scary! Wow! ... and last weekend we did a nice hike and picnic. And there's much more to come!
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