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Default I don't know

Thanks for all your nice responses. I just don't know. I think I give a little too much importance to the male penis, I suppose...LOL. I have all these issues surrounding this, but still reading a lot on it, like I am supposed to figure it out...supposed to get to some kind of place with it inside. I am still working it out. I don't know what I want or why, and why I can't stop reading about poly. It is so intriguing. I mean, many people just know they are how I just always knew I was gay. It is confusing. I do love love. I feel that I am more monogamous, but don't know if that is fear or from the cultural influence or just me. I do have a long distance friend I made about 6 months ago and I just love her dearly. The kind of love that you want to express in more ways than one...but not just desire. When me and my partner started talking about this a few weeks ago, I did tell my partner about my strong feelings for this woman. she already knew that I felt very kindred with her. It is not that I think this woman necessarily feels the same way...she is with a man and all that, and she lives about as far from me as possible, but my point is the feelings are there. I do feel like with her and my partner right now, my bases are pretty much covered. Whew...anyway.
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