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Thankx Mono . We see so many people asking how to solve or fix a problem I figured they might appreciate seeing that it all really can work, even if they do have to work through their own baggage.

Yesterday Breathes went to visit a friend then out for coffee & just hanging out with another friend. I went to a strongman competition which got me outside into the beautiful Thanksgiving weekend/Oktoberfest weather! (Something's wrong with our weather by the way. It's supposed to be cold and rainy for the next eight days! NOT warm and sunny!) The sun was out, the air was warm, the breeze was comforting. I texted with Possibility most of the day and then helped him move a couple of bookshelves from his Mom's to his place! It was really quite a wonderful, and out of the ordinary for me, day! I came home & had a gentle come down from the day before Breathes & friend got home. Put some green beans in the slow cooker for today's dinner & spent the rest of the evening relaxing with some wonderful company!

Today though is a totally different kettle of fish, lol. We're having our family Thanksgiving dinner today. This means I do half the cooking here, my brother does half at his place then we all gather at Dad's, finish off the last few things an eat!
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