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Karma and I have decided to continue on with my parents as if we didn't have this new information. At least until we find a new way to deal with it.

After seeing my brother again tonight, I'v decided that when we bring Cricket home we'll deal with it the same as we did when we brought Panda home. She's a friend. He snuggled Panda in front of them, so let him snuggle Cricket too.

There's the option of her staying with Karma's brother, but that leaves Karma torn as to who to come home to, and leaves her with people she's only spoken to online when he's with me.

I think my dream for a happy little family is just stratching beyond my parents capacity. If they ask questions I'll answer, I have no need to lie, but I don't know that freely offering up the informaton is the best route to go.

The last two days have been nice though. We've spent them with my brother and his family which is a HUGE switch. Usualy Karma runs off to another city to see his friends and I'm stuck with no car at my parents. It's nice to have him hang out at brothers for awhile before he takes off.

And I think a lot of it is having it all out there. My brother said tonight " Ya know he's actualy a lot fun when I give him a chance."

I love my brother so much, and my husband. For taking the time and the care to make it work.

My parents may be hypocrits, but we don't have to be.

They've even bonded over working on Crickets birthday gift. I never thought my brother would help my husband make a gift for his girlfriend. I thought it would be more DADT. I'm so glad it's all out there and we all are moving forward like a family.

My sis in law said there was a lot of distance and she was glad that has closed in the last two days.

I can't blame them though. When all they hear is "Karma's a lying, cheating lazy, bastard" what are they to think?

Well no wonder the damn family shunned him!!!

My mom has said she'd never butt into our marriages. No she doesn't, she just talks shit behind our backs.

We all decided when she starts in on the others when they aren't around, we're going to tell her that isn't how it is and we don't want to hear it. If she and my father want to talk amongst themselves fine, can't stop 'em, but we don't have to hear it.

I have to spend the whole day with them tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep my cool.
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