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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
So I'd suggest if you want to continue to paint with the broad brush you just accept that you could be painting some wonderful, loving people out of your life. It's one choice - nothing more.

Great points GS. I definitely know and like some people who swing. Why? Because I got to know them and don't define them by that one aspect. The thing is, I'm usually not very interested in meeting and getting to know new people so ultimately I don't feel a sense of loss.

That being said, this is more about the environment, lots of sex positive and openly sexual people partying, drinking, enjoying themselves the way they have a right to. I just don't want to see all the flirting, bumping and grinding and drunken eyeballing of potential partners. It's just not a healthy environment for me. Redpepper and Polynerdist will have a much better time as they are more comfortable in that type of environment. Redpepper will have a better time because she won't have to worry about me getting weirded out or pissed off at all the flirting. I'm way to easy to trigger so, like avoiding dark alleys which may get me into trouble, I avoid other places and things that make my reptilian brain take over.

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