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Originally Posted by swheeler11 View Post
for those of you interested in reading more academic research on polyamory: There are several researchers who are focusing on polyamory right now, and whose work has been very helpful to me as i prepared for my own research. I highly recommend meg barker and darren landridge's understanding non-monogamies--it's an expensive book (so you may want to see if you can get it from a local library), but it addresses the widest range of the poly community i've seen yet, and contains some very thought-provoking essays. I also recommend looking up articles by elisabeth sheff, meg barker, or ani ritchie (maybe through google scholar, or your local university's journal databases). There was also an issue of the academic journal sexualities from 2006 that focused solely on poly issues; again, your local university might have a copy or online access to it.
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