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Originally Posted by ironhed85 View Post

I have been stuck in the quagmire of the swinger scene for the last year with my girlfriend who is an ex-swinger. The relationships that have I formed within the scene have helped me better understand myself and realize that I have no business there. I have been trying to tune into the polyamoury scene as that is my true orientation but have found there are very few resources on the interenet for dating and organizations. I personally think that AFF, Ashleigh Madison,, are a waste of time as the ratio of men to women is obscene.

I am sorry that I cannot offer any suggestions as to polyam dating sites, If you find anthing good that is regional, please let me know.


Quagmire can certainly describe the swinger scene, and seems to be a pretty accurate portrayal in the region where I hang my hat at the end of the day. We started opening our marriage via this lifestyle as a way of my wife exploring the bisexuality she had finally acknowledged has been in her mind since before we met in high school. Where that adventure has taken us, I never would have predicted, nor would I have expected to find what we have. But that's a topic for its own thread.

But I do have a question; one that I already have a pretty good idea on the answer, but will ask it anyway. Par for the course, I register on sites using a username that befits us both. When discussing topics in this realm, I'm thinking I should re-register under a name unique to me and let this username fall by the wayside. Thoughts?
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