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Default hi from uk couple

I am one half of a married couple living in Derbyshire Uk. I believe that Master will be along at some point, or we may actually sign up with a couples profile, however on here I think it maybe useful to have a profile each.

We have a relationship, in which sexually we do involve others. We have been actively in the swinging world for most of our relationship, although it is a minor part. As our time just us is much more than anything else.

A big part of our relationship is within the BDSM world and we share a very sucessful D/s realtionship as well as being so very much in love. I apologise now though to any that may find it offensive that I will always refer to the man I love as my Master. Before anyone thinks that I am some brainwashed young thing, I am a degree educated psychologist that would not submit to anyone else ever.

This topic came about when I was reading something on a few bdsm forums, about poly relationships, and I began to think that it maybe something that would work for us. I discussed it and we actually found that it would perhaps solve a few things that we had been having issues with.

Now can I please state that we are not having issues with our relationship, the problems are more logistical. My Master is away a lot on work, this is very hard on me, and while I have male playmates, I miss the physical companionship. I would however not even consider a male in this. Not actually within our relationship. I am bi, but even that is a side part of this.

I see us looking for a female to join us with us mostly having a relationship where we are both loved by Master and both love him. We would of course love each other too.. and on occassion it would be sexual between us, but I dont see it as being the norm. Its more the cuddles and closeness while Master is away. For Master he worries about me when he is away. I do not understand the terminology for what we are looking for as yet..

We have a lot more to learn before we know exactly what we are looking for, but I actually that like we found each other when we were not looking, we may find the right girl to join us as a third the same way.

So please bare with my millions of questions.

And thank you for reading my drivel.

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