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Yup, I vote for option B.

Easy has been able to flirt with other women for years and years without making me jealous. The worst jealousy I felt for him was when I realized that that woman he'd been spending *so much* time with, who he'd taken out *instead of me* so many times, was also the woman who was asking us to be poly with her. It was insecurity, wondering if he wanted her more than me, if she was the "right" one and I was just the one who was holding her place all of these years. Right now, I feel rock solid, because I don't think Easy could be shaken off if I entered the witness protection program.

Sunday, however, makes me jealous *all of the time*. I don't know where I stand with him, he doesn't seem to notice whether I'm there half the time, and when other women show an interest in him my first response is, "Well, he doesn't want me." I'm incredibly jealous because I'm not secure in the relationship. I have no doubt that I could watch Easy flirt and shmooze all over a woman and have no reaction, but if Sunday even seemed to be talking to her too long, I'd have to go hide in a closet until I felt calmer.
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