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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
Mom and I went through this in highschool and I thought maybe it was because I was a teenager, maybe I just didn't get things. And I thought things changed when I called her on it. Told her she was acting just like her mother.

But no. Apparently judgemental hypocrital bullshit is hereditary.
Part may be hereditary, but alot of it is also learned and we have to make a conscious effort to control it. It can be easy to slip into familiar patterns and habits when no one is around to point out that you are sliping.

Maybe it's time you and your mom have a private talk. She may need a reminder that she is falling back into old habits that she said she didn't want to do.

Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
Maybe Cricket wasn't so far off when she said I was judgemental. Though I try so hard not to be. Maybe I am and don't see it.
But now you have two people at your side to keep you from slipping into places you don't want to be.

Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post
They're my parents! How could they be so cruel?
Habit. When the kids were living at home, they had some person to challenge their behaviour (right or wrong). Now they only have themselves to rely on and of course they are always right.


I'm going through some of the same stuff with my mother, different issues, but man, she could be the poster child for what I hate about certain groups.
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