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We're (k-mate) both the type to be touch-feely and it's an interesting thing to us that we have to restrain ourselves from our basic nature with people - especially at first. I think it's because we're both 'givers' more than receivers (which makes for an interesting dynamic between us !).
It seems, from what we've experienced, that almost everyone is ready and even needing, a good, genuine, non-threatening hug ! One that you hold for a minute - not just the guarded quickie type. Male or female-no matter.

But what saddens us - especially me - is that there are so many people carrying so much fear around. Fear of intimacy, fear of vulnerability if the shell should develop a crack etc. It's sad.

I see the exchange of energy as a positive thing, but maybe because I have enough to spare ? From that closeness, where I can actually feel you, I learn much and it helps guide me towards what you need most. And I guess it's just a fact that there are really people who'd prefer I don't have that inner knowledge of them. I respect that - but do find it sad. In fact, if I think about it, I'm probably more guarded about my own ......needs.... so by default become a hypocrite? It's the giver thing. I don't want anything from anyone until I determine they have sufficient excess themself to share. If I determine that - the interaction will take whatever direction seems appropriate.

So in regards to how either of us would feel about each other's interaction with anyone else, we're both operating from this understanding. "Give what's needed - don't hold back - except in situations where it would be dangerous - or to mislead. And sometimes we even fail that test and have to do a course correction with others.

Anyway.....that's just us........

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