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Thumbs up anti-climactic...

Today Bar comes to visit BK...This is the reason I joined this forum, and went to the PolyTampa meetings... So I'd be able to "cope" with the situation.

Yep, that's how I planned on doing it.. coping.

Now that the day is here... so much has changed. I'm employed, am moving away from BK, have become friends with several groups of poly folks.

More so, I think I'm dating a poly couple. We don't really talk about it, but it feels like dating... and it is wonderful. It's all too new, and I'm busy enjoying, and don't want to analyze every comment or exchange... So I'm taking the experiences as they come... savoring the moments like a good meal.

I did enjoy a blast of NRE several weeks ago... went to several haunted houses with the husband... After a long day's work, a 90 minute drive, and I was still full of energy and bouncing through the haunted houses.

So the day is here... Bar is visiting BK, and I'm wishing them the best. Sent her an e-mail with a list of places/things she wanted to do during the visit. Smiled at the surprise he has for her, will be having dinner with them.. and it's all okay.

Anti-climactic. I thought this would be traumatic, I'd be curled in a corner crying. Now I realize this is an odd situation... he is my EX-boyfriend... but we were together for almost 2 decades. So it's not the same as a current bf meeting with his lover...

Maybe it is because I've explored new relationships, and realized that I was able to grow past that relationship, and that I was valued by others. I remember writing the e-mails.... and how I felt. and how I expected to feel today...

And I'm just looking forward to having coffee with them and catching up on everything that is going on. Amazing.

Ah, and thank you... because reading your stories has helped me. Meeting polys has helped me... Heck, even meeting some of the swingers (in RL) has helped me understand all of this.

Just thought I'd update y'all. I'm not saying much about my couple. I'm not ready to add labels to that relationship.
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