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Thanks Sage, thing is we haven't come out to them yet. This is all about his cheating and him not having a job. Nevermind the fact that Baltimore has no job market for him, for either of us really, and when he's not with Cricket or job hunting, he's home taking care of me or the house.

What the hell else do they want from him? HE-takes care-of your daughter. Sounds to me like they're pretty damn lucky I have him. I know I am.

But they apparently don't hear that, though I thought they did.

at this point if it weren't for my brother, SIL, and neice, and KArmas brothers, I doubt we'd ever bother coming back to Ohio.

I'm still hyped up on emotion, but I almost want to go stay at my brothers the rest of the trip. Dogs I'm allergic to and all. Just so I don't have to face a bunch of hypocrits.

Mom and I went through this in highschool and I thought maybe it was because I was a teenager, maybe I just didn't get things. And I thought things changed when I called her on it. Told her she was acting just like her mother.

But no. Apparently judgemental hypocrital bullshit is hereditary.

Maybe Cricket wasn't so far off when she said I was judgemental. Though I try so hard not to be. Maybe I am and don't see it.

Goddess forbid I become my grandmother.

If I choose to keep liars and hypocrits out of my friends, should I choose to do the same with family?

I know I'm emotional and will see things differently later. But right now I wonder, if in all these years its never changed, will it ever? If it won't is it worth putting up with?

They're my parents! How could they be so cruel?

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