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I'm really hurt. I feel like my heart is being stomped on.

Our dinner with my brother and sis in law went great. We had a fun night, talked through everything and are all on the same page.

But, I found out that my parents have been talking all kinds shit behind our backs. I'm crushed that they seem so willing to give Karma another chance to our faces and then be so cruel when we aren't there. My mom is twisting things around to make him sound like some horrible evil creature.

I'm glad we were able to set things straight with my brother and SIL. But I have no idea how to approach my parents on this bullshit.

Karma says they need someone to bitch about or they'd rip eachother apart, and if he's to be the bad guy, then so be it. " If it keeps your mom from having a mental breakdown and your dad from another heart attack, then I'll be the bad guy."

I love that man so much I almost cried while trying to drive.

I just HATE talk like that, and lies, hypocritical bullshit. It is ripping me up inside that the people I love, who claim unconditional love, are nothing but hypocrits.

I feel like an obligation instead of their child.

I am rethinking bringing Cricket home. My brother suggested a hotel and not telling anyone we were home.

I want her to be a part of my family. My husband is my family, therefor she is as well.

But do I want her to be a part of this family. This cruelty. The same thing their parents did to them that they swore they'd never do?

I was glad they were alseep when we got home, because I didn't know how to keep from going off on them.

And then there is the whole KT, MG, 2R drama. I've spoken with all 3 of them. MG and I have gotten close. KT I have tried to reach out to and help.

And all I see are people getting ripped apart up oneside and down another.

They are fucking people!!!!

There are all kinds of things none of us are aware of because we aren't in their day to day.

No one has the right to attack, accuse or belittle any of them.

And that just tears me up as well. Because here are 3 people I have come to care about, and they are all hurting and looking for someone to turn to, and all of a sudden it becomes a game of who is more right and who is more wrong, and what side will you take.


And not everyone has.

But no one should have.

All 3 have done things that were "right" and all 3 have done "wrong".

I came here looking for advice too. I have post after post of what do I do? Which way do I turn!!!!

But I was looking for advice. Not someone to solve my problems. Cricket, Karma and I solved our problems. We took the advice given. Applied what would work and stepped forward.

No sides to take. And there are no sides to take there either.

Just human beings, who are hurting, and need someone to step aside and simply say I'm sorry you're hurting.
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