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Default Being Well - Doing Well

Originally Posted by Creatress View Post
How can I help her along through this?
First, be well and do well.

If she loves you--and I'm sure she does--, deep down, fundamentally, she wants you to do well and be well. She may not understand that you can be well and do well in the circumstance you're entering into, but that doesn't mean that you can't or won't. She may fear that you can't or won't. (I don't know; I'm guessing.) But you can -- Or so I presume. (Sometimes being well and doing well requires us to move on from situations that don't do well by us, but that's just life.)

Comfort her with your own happiness, joy, love, peace, freedom, growth.... She does want this for you, doesn't she? (If she doesn't, fogive her and hope one day that she'll wake up.)

It's your life you must live, and not everyone -- and often not everyone close to you -- will understand, appreciate, or even accept your choices. But if you choose based on what you feel or know to be right for you at the given moment, while being open to hearing the expressions of others on the matter, you're doing the best you can for yourself. And anyone who disapproves of your choices when you're following your own path can be listened to without resulting in a loss of autonomy or personal peace and happiness. Tell Mom that you have to follow your own heart; but let her know that you intend to be well and do well. That you'll accept nothing less.
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