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So last night was REALLY fun. I was too tired to bother to post an update. After me, wife and B hung out at Somerset Collection we went to see the American. I can't wait to buy that movie on dvd. It was really great. Some didn't like it because it didn't involve a lot of dialogue but it was good to me though. I had to tell wife and B to be quiet because they love to comment on movies while they're playing, whether we're at home or wherever. They always tease me because of my fetish with government conspiracy theories, assassins/spies, covert operations, etc.

We came home around three o'clock, had sex, then slept. I'm not going back to work until next Tuesday so i'll use this extended weekend to spend more time with my wife and B. I'm currently in my house sitting here reminiscing when me and wife first met B at Sam's Club. I remember sitting in the car in the parking lot shaking like crazy and almost canceled the meeting. My wife had to calm me down and it took a while for me to regain my composure. Those feelings of excitement and nervousness had me in an incomprehensible state as he shook my wife's hand and gazed at her as if he wanted to eat her. I guess I should've noticed that he wanted me also when he was staring at me for an extended period.

Hopefully, we'll be going to Cedar Point this weekend as planned if wife can gain enough energy to get her tail out of bed.LOL!!
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