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Unhappy Helping my Mom Handle This

I'm 25, a single mom, getting into my first real poly relationship. I love my boyfriend & girlfriend, who are married, and it's involving a move that puts me 1,800 miles away from my parents, instead of 600. My mom is devastated. She's convinced that they're going to take advantage of me, that my DD2 will be scarred for life, that this is a stupid decision. She's convinced that we're only going to see her once a year and DD won't know who she is. My loves are not very close with their families, so it's hard for them to understand, but I'm doing the moving because they have the bigger house and the job (but he's job-hunting) and they don't have the capital to move, right now. *sigh*

This really hurts. This hurts worse than when I came out as queer, worse than when I told her I was pregnant (and single). She's heartbroken. I miss being able to talk to her once or twice a week without feeling like a horrible person. How can I help her along through this?
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