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Tonberry that is the cutest thing. I'm going to be adding "pinou" on the end of things now! I love it!

I love pet names. I give everyone close to me pet names eventually. The ones noted here are the tip of the iceberg! I have tons more for my men that would indicate their names so I won't say.

My boy I call sausage sometimes, Mr. Cooch, coochies, weiner, it goes on and on and I use them for the guys too.

The new guinea pig (pistachio) has now become stashers, wheeker (cause he says "wheek wheek" a lot), sausage. I'm sure there will be more. Quite often someone will end up being called sausage. Heh

I just love words I think. I like to use them as terms of endearment. I guess I call derby by another name too, but it also would indicate who she is
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