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Well maybe it's time to talk about the pet names I have!

Rag is my Goupinou. Doesn't really mean anything as far as I know, it's just an affectionate word I made up. He's also my (adjective+inou). For instance, my Snugglinou, or Grumpinou, or Sleepinou. Or Wonderfulinou, for an example that doesn't normally end in "y".
It's pronounced "Goo-pee-noo" by the way. Which sounds bad written like this haha.
I'm his moelleuse, which means soft (or moist, if you're talking about cake) in French.

Sean is my Seanie-bear, and my (adjective + bear). I also call him sweetie and sweetie-pie, but I wouldn't thing of these as restricted to him. I guess they just come more naturally with him because he uses pet names so often.
He calls me honey or honey bunny. He also calls me his "Canadian Girlfriend".

The guy I like is named Will, so I refer to him as my Willy-Nilly sometimes. But since we're not together (or very much in touch anymore for that matter), I don't get to call him that very much (or at all, really).
He doesn't call me anything special, since we're just friends, if that.

I like having pet names for the men who are important to me. Which is funny because I don't have nicknames for any of my friends or family. I can only think of these three people that I call something other than just their name. I don't even use short forms of names very often.
Me: 32F, straight
Seamus: My husband, 33M, straight
Fox: My boyfriend, 30M, homoflexible
Dragon: Fox's husband (and my ex), 30M, pansexual
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