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Originally Posted by mouthcradle View Post
Oh, guys, I am really fed up of this situation. I really ask you for the advice - what can I do in this case when my partner does not accept my value on polyamory??? I tried to live according to monogamy even after I discovered I cannot live to it, and still he wants me to go on and try...otherwise I must leave him...

Thank you for attention.
You cheated, thats a big jump to come back from. I think you should look at your relationship and try and build that foundation up to be stronger. Before even thinking of trying to include anyone in your relationship. If he is completely unaccepting of that possibility then you need to decide if this is a deal breaker for you. For that matter, your partner needs to decide if the infidelity AND the potential that you want more people to love is a deal breaker as well.

One side note, were there feelings involved with this webcam/phone sexing. The way you write it, it sounds more like sexual relief. Maybe consider swinging if you aren't looking for other love and simply extra sex. Just a thought.

In both cases, as I mentioned, get your foundation strong before trying again. You will inevitably hurt your partner, new partner or yourself if you rush it.
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