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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
pst the beauty of taking on non-vegan lovers is that you can show them something new and who knows maybe they'll chose to become vegan. RP is vegetarian and although I'm not I am eating a meatless diet more often than not when my husband isn't home. You probably don't want to take on a die hard carnivore, but why not a vegetarian?
Well I'm open to vegan-friendly carnivores too, as long as they're happy to eat vegan around me. And like you say, I might be a good influence on them

Since playing with E online (we met on Tuesday at a Poly meet) I've realised that while I like him, and would probably like to play IRL with him at some point, I care much more for A. I'm trying to arrange a date with A in the next few weeks as I miss him, which I wasn't expecting. It feels nice though
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