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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
There is nothing wrong with you. You are just unique like the rest of us. We were all taught that we are not normal if we don't follow what is suppose to be normal. Its just what you have been taught. Over time it becomes your own normal and others seem wrong. Sometimes people sway so far over to the otherside of what society thinks is normal and they judge that they are the ones that are right. Its important, I think, to realize that we are all unique yet all different and have a right to create from our lives what works for us.
That makes me feel a lot better. Not like such a freak..How do you keep from feeling guilty when you know the other person is monogamous though? Knowing that the way you are hurts the other person? I have tried to interest him in maybe seeing or dating another person but he is very introverted-i am too but much more than me..he has chatted some with a few other girls but I think doing it to please me more so than he is interested. I have concluded he is just not into anyone else at all.
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