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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
I have a button which reads:
"There's few problems which cannot be resolved by the suitable application of photon torpedoes!"
hahahaha...I could use that button

As for myself...the most I end up doing is speaking harshly and I usually try to calm the situation down. I had a lot of anger management as a kid. I was that child that would beat the snot out of people for talking to me wrong or trying to bully me (not as in defend myself as in LOSE it)

It all came to a head when I realized my parents were flat broke and trying to protect me from the information (kind of hard not to realize when you are eating left over beans and wieners all the time). I lost it and attempted to beat my dad up, when I realized it was futile (keeping in mind I was 6'5 and 220 by this point, he was bigger than me ) I started to try to put my fist through a concrete wall.

Shortly after that, I was put into therapy and was shown lots of coping methods. Some worked, and some didn't. Some, in my case would have just pissed me off more. I have never hit that level of anger again and honestly don't come close. I am "usually" the voice of reason now, but that was a learned response.

Depending on how badly you feel the anger rise in you, you might want to speak with someone. If this is just simple "holy crap I am pissed" anger. I tend to use my writing tools to put it on paper. I get out most of my frustration that way and then I can logically dissect the why I feel anger.
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