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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
My friend wants to know who you are as you contacted her to be a friend on fb... how did you know she is poly? She isn't on this forum... a good half of my friends on there are poly so it could of been a 50/50 chance I guess. anyway, she was a little skeptical cause she doesn't know you.
Yeah that was my bad I didnt realize at the time that if we had 3 friends in common it would be safe to assume they were from the forum. I totally felt like an ass after that, and apologized to mono as I am not trying to cause any kind of drama at all.I did explain to one friend who I was and why I was adding people and also said if they feel uncomfortable it is totally cool. And then just explained why i wanted people on my page and stuff... I can share the message... sec...

So sorry for not emailing you sooner! I guess my main "motive" for making a poly FB is just so that I can feel safe to post about my life in that way, as very few people understand, especially because of my us military affiliation it makes things a bit *sticky*. I am looking to make like minded friends, but I am also a bit hesitant, it seems most people I "come out to" think it is me asking them out or misunderstand my thoughts feeling and ideas on the subject? I got a bit click happy and was just veryexcited to add new friends on my page I can understand your weariness about adding a stranger- as for what you can expect from me? Probably some online friendship, I like to say hi and good morning and good evening. Since i know some people have their poly and mono lives blurred together on FB i won't be posting anything about it on other pages. I have one local friend who teaches some BDSM classes who is involved in the alternative lifestyle but not specifically they poly lifestyle, however he is having heart surgery- but I am looking forward to going to some events with him.

I do have a sister who lives in****though I don't visit very often I think it would be awesome to meet up with some of the great people I have met online at some point (those who are open to it

Nice to meet you** and please feel free to ask anything, I am still learning about myself but I do appreciate you friending me on here !

This is basically what I have been saying. I am really really truly totally sorry I didn't mean to cause any drama or upset anyone and have just stopped adding people, I am not so worried about it anymore because I found a button that says only my friends can see my friends list... So once again sorry!! And if there is anything I can do to make anything better please let me know- i will gladly apologize to any friend that I have made uncomfortable
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