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I can't comment on the poly thing (I'm curious, but I am not poly, not ANYTHING, in fact, but single;0)...but, I have 2 accounts, one for virtual friends, and one for RL friends...the virtual friends one is phoenix seven-sixtytwo, the other has my real name;0)

I had-well-not a problem as such, but -I think- a misunderstanding with a virtual friend, and then I thought it was time to separate the accounts...

However, someone who looked at both accounts can see that it's the same person, there's not much difference, save for the fact that there is a lot more strident atheist comments from the virtual world on the phoenix account (on my real account...a lot of friends and co-workers are Christian, and I don't want to offend them...some of the virtual friends are REALLY militant atheists).

This is my real account :!/ebaron
The one for virtual peeps is in the siggie line...

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