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I have to make sure I don't get there by stopping it rise in me. It starts to well up in me and I know I need to find out why quick and then how to deal with it, if its rational, as soon as I can and before I hit boiling point.

I'm a red head, once I blow I fucking BLOW!

I'm pretty good at hiding myself away until I figure a different course of action, but if its about an injustice towards someone or something and I know my values and beliefs on it, then I'm on top of it right away before I get angry and if the injustice continues I absolutely destroy the person until they ask for mercy. I don't let down, but will back away if the other person shows the least sign of realizing they are wrong or is open to discussion.

When I'm done I can turn anger off just like that and forget what the anger was about within the hour. I don't hold a grudge on anything and forgive readily.
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