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So Mohegan and I have really surprised each other by getting along marvelously - and even getting to the point where our nights aren't complete without some chatting time.
I'm really, really thrilled.

I honestly felt like we were never going to get along, and it was never going to work - I assumed we'd always harbour some kind of resentment, and just be polite, but so far, we're actually playing nice.

I'm quite pleased. Neither of us is prone to befriending women.

School is stupid.
Professors of foreign languages should probably be fluent in both the language they're teaching, and the one they're teaching in.
Group projects are infuriating because they are always perfectly designed to lay 80% of the work onto the shoulders of 20% of the group. I'm always in that 20% who simply refuses to allow the laziness of the kids around me to affect my grade - I'd rather take on other people's work than see them fuck it up and impact me. The upside of this group project is that I'm grouped with a hot drummer who's one of the only other people legitly working on the whole thing. I enjoy simultaneously bitching about humanity and not-quite flirting.

I'd been sleeping better for the last couple weeks, but last night and the night before were rough. It might be a stress issue - J went to court to deal with D's threats, my Grandma has moved in, and the entire past two weeks have been due dates and deadlines.
It's not the usual nightmares, or panic attacks, or anything.
Just can't sleep.
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