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I love being touched. It's actually my secondary love language, the first being quality time. I'm kind of picky though, I can get pretty upset if I haven't given some one a green light to come into my personal space and they do anyway. Figuring out touch relationships in our V has been a little challenging. Generally, O and I can cuddle and give hello/goodbye kisses when we're all together. O and A tend to touch a lot more when we're all together and sometimes I feel a little left out. But that has to do with me having a hard time initiating. We talked about it and O said I can feel free to cuddle and what not while we're all together but sometimes I just get so nervous that I'll upset A. Not because A would be likely to be upset, I just come from a dysfunctional family that was emotionally abusive. O and A are pretty relaxed, they're difficult to rile up. One reason I like them so much.
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