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I sent the above post to both partners. It seems Possibility needed a warning, lol. It brought tears to his eyes. He was at work so that's not quite as ok as it would have been had he been at home.

That post was the springboard for my being able to verbally tell Possibility that I do love him . Mr. SmartyPants (Possibility) pointed out that my putting it in print was, in effect, still telling him that I love him, lol. That post made it easier for my to tell him with the spoken word just a couple of days later *sigh*.

Breathes was relieved that I'm happy & love him . That's all that mattered to him *sigh*.

Things are moving forward. Sometimes dragging, sometimes jumping, sometimes running or leaping but always moving forward.

We have now finally incorporated some D/s into our relationship. I'm happy about the change but a little apprehensive. It's been a lot of years since I allowed my Dominant side some lee way & it's not wanting to go into hiding again any time soon.

I worry that I won't be able to submit to Breathes. *sigh*

I will find that happy medium once I take the time needed to sort things out.

Possibility & I have all day Monday together, well from @ 8-3 any way. Oh my the things my brain is thinking that I could do to him .

It's nearly time for me to sign off. I'm getting tired & I seem to recall the request for a back & foot rub not so long achy back is reminding me, lol.
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