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Default Pet names

I've been wondering a few things about pet names. Those of you who have more than one partner, do you use the same pet names, different ones, a mix of both?
If you use different ones, have you ever used the wrong one accidentally?
Have you ever used a pet name only to realise your other partner thought it was "yours" and felt bad about it?

Me, I mostly use different names, and Rag and Sean have different names for me, too. I don't use many pet names with Rag, there is really only one main one, and I often call him by his name.
Sean uses lots of pet names for me, and I guess it caused me to use lots with him, too. But as a result I've felt like using more with Rag as well, I'm not sure why.

I've never used the "wrong" one, but I always worry that I will (just like I always worry I'll use the wrong name - not just with partners, with everyone, all the time).
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