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This is really in response to Redpepper's comment about the media and influence on our culture -

I was talking to Ouroboros last night about this. How in language many of the derogatory words stem from something sexual... (I will try to be as proper as possible with examples as this is meant to be purely an academic argument) For example, C**t, Slut, Whore, S*ck my D*ck, the list goes on... (again I apologize if this is insulting to anyone, it is not meant to be - moderators, please feel free to delete if you must)

How horrible that we use these terms to degrade someone? This type of language is not only degrading to sexual acts and natural and beautiful parts of the human body, but is in a way a form of abuse of power... It relates power to sex and in a negative way...

It is no wonder that people have a hard time defining ethical sex. So much of our language is poisoned by this type of negativity.
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