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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I'd still want a full seperate suite with kitchen and all that but it is very close Actually it wouldn't be ideal for me at all now that I think about it but it is a nice thing to each have thier own bathroom a tri-plex or quad-plex would be ideal.
Then would an arrangement similar the one in Sister Wives be your ideal? One big house that's basically three "apartments", with each their own kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

As for me, I'd want a shared living room and a shared kitchen, for sure. But a room for each person that could be a living room, office, bedroom or anything like that. And having your own bathroom would definitely be really great.
I guess in a way, my ideal place is a bit like a dorm... Well I'm not sure if you know the kind of dorm I mean... The place opens onto a shared space, then there are doors that each lead to an "apartment", except the apartment doesn't have a kitchen has the kitchen is shared. There is a shared living room with couch, TV and so on, but a smaller living area in each apartment as well.
I think something like that could work really nice. If one wants to be alone, one goes to their private area. And people in the public one are saying "I'm feeling like being in your company".

I guess I'm not sure exactly how much area I'd want individually and how much I'd want shared. It seems interesting enough to be its own topic, though. Although I guess we are still on topic here, somewhat?
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