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Give it some time. My husband lived in Canada, I lived in Europe. Due to that, in our relationship, we were either apart completely (in different continents) or living together. I've always regretted not having some time to date while living separately, but with the ability to meet up.
I think it's an important phase. It will be time to all live together later on, but if you start living together now, it will be much harder later on to decide to live apart so you get that too.
It's manageable, obviously, I'm still with my husband and we're happy, but I definitely wish things had been a little different. I think when we move, I'd like to have our separate spaces for that reason (but in the same house or apartment).

I think it will be good for him to fall back on his feet on his own, rather than have you support him financially and giving him a place. It will be better for him, and this way he'll never feel dependent on you, and like he can't leave or something.

So I would say, take it slowly. Be willing to have him over for a few days at a time, over a weekend, etc, but let him get his own place or stay with his parents until he's back on his feet and ready to move on.
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