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Originally Posted by bimblynim View Post

It is a unitary scale.

0=totaly monogamous - could never be in a polyamourous relationship
1= strongly prefer mono
2= prefer mono
3= happy in mono or poly equally
4=prefer poly
5=stronly prefer poly
6=totally polyamorous - could never be in a monogamous relationaship

I guess for me this scale indicates a choice related to how a person wants to conduct a relationship as opposed to how they function internally. I often forget that when I use the word monogamous I am refering to how I am internally ,not a description of how I conduct relationships. It's not a choice, it's just my nature.

So if I look at this question from the perspective of how I would conduct a relationship I would be an anomolous 3 for one reason only...Redppper. Without her I would be a 0.

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