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Originally Posted by Ready2Fly View Post
How? Because they have different rules? None of the poly families I know have the exact same boundaries as each other. It seems to me that they are dealing with issues of time management, jealousy management, open communication, and ethics that are essentially equivalent to those in more familiar poly relationships. Why pick out this particular boundary difference as making it Not-Poly, if everyone in the relationship is happy and consenting?
Mmmm, I think its more about a lack of options under which they decide their own boundaries. Its like having a relationship where one partner is an astronaut and and they become poly because the astronaut wants to have zero gravity sex and a relationship with another astronaut and their primary partner "chooses" remains monogamous because they are not an astronaut and therefore cannot have zero gravity sex. These women decide their boundaries based on what their religion affords them - not necessarily what they would desire to choose. And they have to find a comfort level with it because their religion affords their husband this option as his god given right. Its a bit different than someone with a full spectrum of choice, choosing to remain monogamous because it is exactly what they want instead of the only option available to choose from.
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