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Default OMG and it just moves faster!

The guy that I mentioned in my previous post that I met on PMM is totally a Male Unicorn. He came over to hang out Tuesday afternoon at 5pm, no real plans we were just going to play things by ear. Well, he came over Tuesday at 5pm ... and didn't end up leaving until Wednesday night after 10pm.

We spent hours Tuesday evening just hanging out and talking, etc. I'd chatted with him but hubby hadn't so when we took a walk to the park I kinda left him and hubby to hang out while I spent time with my sons. They hit it off as quickly and easily as the new guy and I had (hubby is bi). He ended up spending the night with us that night and sleeping in our bed even (though no actual intercourse).

Now hubby and I are both totally smitten, hubby's usually my point of logic and sanity with things, I tend to lead with my emotions, but hubby's right there with me on this one. Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal to me, but this guy's been having trouble finding a job and his lease is up the end of this month. He was originally going to be moving back with his parents until he can get on his feet again, and that's still currently the plan but he already told us he now wants to find something down here and move back ASAP, where before he may have just stayed with his parents for a while.

When he told us this my first (unspoken) thought was "well, we've got a house". And when I talked to hubby about it later he said he thought the same thing. I feel like I'm crazy even thinking this, but on the other hand even though we just met this guy the thought of him being an hour and 40 minutes away (which makes us traveling to him an impossibility with our schedules) tears me up already. Hubby and I haven't said anything to him about this yet, we're still not even really sure what we're thinking with it. It's way early, but then we wonder "well, if he's going to be here all the time anyway (which is the indication from our interactions so far ) then why should he fight to find his own place?"

I know there's a zillion things that could go wrong, really I do, but it doesn't help that hubby and I basically met this same way. We met, (we'd been friends online though, but on meeting in person had just gone 3 months solid without any interaction due to a petty argument) and within days he was moving in to watch my son while I worked (I had just left my now ex-husband), and we've never been apart besides when it's been required of us in the 5 years since.

We're certainly going to give it a few more days, but actually talked last night about sometime in the next week or so just bringing the possibility up to him to just stay here. Someone talk me/us down before we do something crazy! Or I guess tell us we're not insane for following our feelings over the logical arguments. Everything I've read on here about NRE makes me even more nervous of this, but my feelings are telling me something, and usually that's for a reason.

I just feel like this right now:
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